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Headquartered in the UK, Eskil specialises in Boardroom Development - working with an international portfolio of clients in such areas as leadership development, boardroom capability, strategy and more.

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  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Workplace Emotional Intelligence

    Objetivos: This highly-interactive course will give delegates: - Greater self-awareness. - Increased self-regulation. - Stronger motivation, empathy and social skills.In order to achieve this, the ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Authentic Leadership

    Objetivos: This is an intensive program with a great degree of self-assessment. The overarching objectives of the 3 days include: - Build an understanding of your own emotional intelligence and how ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Corporate Strategy

    Objetivos: During an intensive 4 days with 27 exercises, you can expect to realise such outcomes / outputs as: - Identify market & business strategies. - Map the business environment; Explore ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Intrapreneur Ecosystems

    Objetivos: Map your current ecosystem; set out an action plan for the Target Operating Model; build your idea management engine; andidentify your current and future Corporate Catalysts A quién va ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Intrapreneur Canvas

    Objetivos: As a facilitated event, there is a great deal of discussion and peer-learning with the objectives including: - Understand the principles of an intrapreneur ecosystem. - Discuss your ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Transformational Leader Behaviour

    Objetivos: Individual learners will have specific objectives for a workshop: as a minimum we will be communicating: acquaint / re-acquaint yourself with the Full Range Leadership Model; understand ...

  • Oposición en Barcelona A consultar

    Executive Stress Management

    Eskil Training’s ‘Executive Stress Management’ program is a 2-day experience for people operating in the boardroom as we explore stress, the impact of it and how we can not only cope with current ...

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