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Oposición para Deploying Intrapreneurship: Successful Corporate Entrepreneurship


Oposición Presencial en Eskil (Reino Unido)

Duración: 3 días


Objetivos: As part of the registration process, we consult with you to fully understand your own objectives for this intrapreneurship workshop. We work to ensure that our content remains relevant to your needs. Typical objectives include: - Understand the issues based around intrapreneurship; aligning intrapreneurship to CSR. - Identify your corporate catalysts; understand your current ecosystem. - Map your target model; scope a pressing issue - and plan out how to address it. - Develop your idea management engine.

A quién va dirigido: This is an open workshop: people from all levels in an organisation can attend. Not only will it build your personal and professional skills but we recognise that this is a fantastic workshop for job seekers who wanted something extra on their CV.

Información adicional

This is one of Eskil's 'Content-Only' workshops.  Running for a minimum of 4 delegates, you will take part in discussions regarding intrapreneurship.

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Temario completo de este curso

During the 3 days, you will undertake exercises and activities including identifying formal and informal intrapreneurship in the organisation; the state-of-readiness for your senior team to endorse intrapreneurship; your current organisational framework that can support (and inhibit) your corporate entrepreneurs, and much more.

You can expect to realise such outcomes / outputs as:
  • Understanding of the different ways that intrapreneurship can be deployed;
  • Map of current and target intrapreneur ecosystems;
  • Intrapreneur canvas;
  • Plan of action for idea management; and
  • Definition of what your corporate catalysts will look like
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