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Oposición para Authentic Leadership


Oposición Presencial en Madrid (Madrid)

Duración: 3 días


Objetivos: This is an intensive program with a great degree of self-assessment. The overarching objectives of the 3 days include: - Build an understanding of your own emotional intelligence and how your colleagues perceive you.  - Explore your inner thinking as you identify and address negative behaviours. - Understand why you have certain thoughts / reactions and how they impact your actions.  - Explore your moral code and check its alignment with your leadership approach.  - Develop a leadership pathway for you to action. - Nurture your authenticity

Requisitos: Completion of 3 sets of assessment to help put the program into context and give our facilitators time to cross-reference the findings in order to work on the individual Leadership Development Pathway.

A quién va dirigido: Our workshops are based around confidentiality: senior people need a safe 'sandboxed' environment to explore their thinking and so we must create the right space for this to happen. Based on this, our program is only open to such people as: - CEOs / Managing Directors interested in growing their strategic capability. - Members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) needing to bolster their strategic strengths. - Members of the Senior Management Team identified for progression into the SLT. If you are unsure about the suitability of this workshop for you, contact our Concierge Team and they can talk it through with you.

Temario completo de este curso

Course syllabus:

  • What is an authentic leader?
  • Why does authenticity matter?
  • Elements of authenticity
  • Your personal compass
  • Your Emotional Intelligence
  • The Impostor Syndrome
  • Your Time Line
  • Self-limited beliefs
  • What kind of Leader are you?
  • Your personal leadership development pathway

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